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Bring your walls to life by turning your favourite photos into canvas prints

Slim Canvas Prints from £12
Premium Canvas Prints from £18
Split Panel Canvas Prints from £48
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Shop By Design

Full Photo Canvas Prints from £12
Collage Photo Canvas Prints from £12
Retro Photo Canvas Prints from £12

Shop by Best Selling Sizes

From small to large, we have variety of sizes for you to choose from

12x12 (30x30cm)

Premium (4cm depth) £24
Slim (2cm depth) £20

12x16 (30x40cm)

Premium (4cm depth) £26
Slim (2cm depth) £22

16x24 (40x60cm)

Premium (4cm depth) £39
Slim (2cm depth) £34

20x27 (50x70cm)

Slim (2cm depth) £34

Our Larger Range

31x31 (80x80cm)

Premium (4cm depth) £80

36x47 (90x120cm)

Premium (4cm depth) £103

51x51 (130x130cm)

Premium (4cm depth) £128

47x63 (120x160cm)

Premium (4cm depth) £135

See our full range of canvas print types and sizes.

Stylising your Personalised Canvas

Personalise your canvas print to suit your home decor

Choose How Your Canvas is Wrapped

When building your full photo canvas print, you choose how your image is wrapped around the wood frame. One option is a wrapped edge which means your photo will be be printed on the front and sides of your canvas. If you choose this option, check you haven't lost any important part of your photo around the sides. Alternatively, you could opt for a bordered colour wrap. This means the sides of your canvas will be a block colour of your choice. This is also available when you create a collage canvas prints too. Finally, you can select a mirrored wrap where your photo will only be printed on the front of your canvas, and the sides will show a reflection of your image, meaning none of your image will be lost on the sides.

Browse canvas prints

A really effective way to show off photos on your walls at home is to make your images black and white. The filter will give both your photos and your home a sophisticated, clean and calm feel. It can also be a great way to show off lots of photos together, which is perfect when filling large wall spaces! Making your images black and white allows you to play around and select a particular colour, for example on your bordered wrap, that complements your home decor. And it's so easy to do! When building your canvas print, just click on your photo to edit it, and select 'black and white' from the drop down menu. You can also choose to print your photos with a Sepia filter.

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Frequently Asked Canvas Print Questions

Helping you get the most out of your canvas prints

Do canvas prints look good?

Canvas prints are a great way to brighten up any plain wall and the perfect way to display your favourite photos. However your canvas print is only as good as your chosen image, so please ensure your photo is of a high resolution for the canvas size you have chosen. If your image quality is poor, our builder will alert you to a poor quality image, allowing you the opportunity to swap the image out for a higher resolution image.

How do I make a photo into a canvas?

Our easy to use online builder turns your favourite photo into a beautiful hanging photo canvas. Simply choose the type of canvas print you would like (slim, premium and multi-panel) and the desired size, then click create now. Our builder allows you to edit your image, add text and choose the wrap finish. When complete, add to basket and checkout, then wait for your canvas print to be delivered directly to your door.

Does my personalised canvas print come with a hanging kit?

With a hanging kit provided, all of our canvas wall art comes equipped with all you need to hang your new art piece from the moment you receive it. The hanging kit provided fixes your piece of art to the wall more securely, reducing the need to continuously reposition your canvas print.

How long does it take to create a canvas print?

Turn your favourite image into a beautiful canvas print within minutes. Our easy and quick online builder has been intuitively designed to allow you to easily create the canvas print you want. Once designed, sit back and relax, and your canvas print will arrive within 7 working days to an address of your choice.

How much does canvas printing cost?

Depending on your personal tastes and requirements, we have a range of canvas prints available to match your budget and style. Our canvas prints start at just £12 and come in a range of different designs, whilst our thicker premium canvas prints start from £18. Feeling creative? Print your special moments across multiple canvases from just £48.

Can I have more than one picture printed onto a canvas?

Taken too many pictures and not sure which ones to use? Don't worry - our collage canvas prints are the perfect solution. With a range of sizes, designs and layouts to choose from, we are sure you will find the perfect style to match your requirements and budget.

    How To Create A Canvas Print

  • Step 1: Place your order as a guest or create an account
  • Step 2: Select the design, style and canvas size
  • Step 3: Upload images from any device or social media
  • Step 4: Personalise your canvas with words and text
  • Step 5: Preview your canvas, then proceed to checkout

Create That Art Piece, Your Walls Have Been Missing

Transform any plain or bare wall into your personalised art gallery by turning your favourite memories into canvas wall art. Whether it's the living room, bedroom or even office walls, canvas pictures offer you the opportunity to add your personal touch to any decor.

From that group family picture, to a holiday photo, or even as a unique gift idea; slim canvas prints offer many opportunities to display your most cherished moments. Alternatively a range of different sized canvas prints make for a great photo wall piece.

Our premium photo canvases are designed to make a statement wherever they are hung. For those special moments caught on camera give your photos the exposure they deserve and create high quality canvas photo prints, that are sure to be a conversation starter.

Alternatively for a modern, eye-catching look our split canvas prints are a great way to showcase your artwork in an exciting and creative way. Panoramic landscape shots and city skylines have never looked so good and create a stylish feature across any home or office wall.

Creating your very own personalised canvas is easy with our online builder. With a wide range of size options, various depths and a selection of wrap finishes, means creating the perfect canvas art print for you couldn’t be easier. All of our canvas prints are are expertly wrapped around a solid wooden frame and produced using the latest technology and high quality pigment inks to ensure your artwork is showcased in the best possible way. In addition all of our canvas wall art come with a hanging kit, meaning it's good to go from the moment you receive it!

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