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PEEL writing is a standard technique that writers often use to structure paragraphs in an essay. Basically, to present an academic essay in a way that is understandable to your readers, you can effectively organize or structure your thoughts by using the PEEL paragraph writing method. Do you know what is PEEL writing? Are you aware of how to structure a paragraph in an essay using the PEEL method? If you have no idea, then continue reading this blog post.

In this write-up, you will get to know more about the PEEL writing strategy and the effective ways to write a PEEL paragraph.

Definition of PEEL Writing

PEEL is an acronym for Point, Evidence, Explain and Link.They all are a part of the paragraph.Consistent practice is the key to master the PEEL writing. If you understood the nature of the essay, you will find it very easy to learn. Planning and research are other key aspects of writing.

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  • Point: This is the most critical one, as it is the opening part of the paragraph. The initial sentence describes the point, which you are about to discuss in the whole paragraph. The opening sentence is the topic sentence. The first sentence should be clear to the audience, to make them understand the whole paragraph. Don’t add irreverent things. This may confuse the readers and they may lose interest in your writing. The paragraph should relate to the topic. This paragraph is also a fundamental part of the essay. After writing analyze it, to have a clear idea of what you are going to convey to the reader.
  • Evidence: After giving the arguments and points, the next paragraph is to provide crucial proof to support your arguments. The argument can be in any form including facts, analysis, events, statistics, and data from any credible sites and journals, or magazines. You can also gather evidence from authorized sites, books research papers, and the internet. It is necessary that the audience should believe and agree with your views. Take time and research thoroughly. This can be hectic and also consumes a lot of time. But certainly, giving more time for research will bring out the best outcomes.
  • Explanation: Explaining is the next segment. Make them understand all the crucial points and the evidence you gave. Interpret the evidence to give them a clear meaning. Your arguments and evidence may not support each other unless they are explained accurately. Justify it in a subtle way to improve your writing skills.
  • Link: Linking means ending a point and starting with the new one. This is a tricky point as structuring and linking are critical. It should give a practical conclusion to the sentence. You can grasp the technique gradually.

Read the list of commonly used linking words

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Effective Ways to Structure a PEEL Paragraph

If you want to prepare a well-structured essay, then use the PEEL writing technique. The PEEL method is one of the best ways that will help you to structure and organize thoughts or ideas legibly in an essay. In case, you are unsure of how to structure a paragraph using the PEEL method, then make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Plan your paragraph: The first thing that writers often ignore is planning. Remember, this is the first step and is considered crucial before writing. This will save time before you put down your thoughts on paper. Plan your essay, so that it is easily understandable and accessible to the reader. Brainstorm your ideas and write them on paper. Simultaneously, also think about the examples to support your points.
  • Write the introductory paragraph: Writedownin a way to introduce your readers.Avoid using personal pronouns like I and me.
  • Choose the best examples: If you are conveying anything without supporting it, the reader may not understand your views. Come up with different supportive examples and chose the best among them which is more persuasive and compelling. Let us say one example consists of metaphor and alliteration, choose the one which consists of metaphor. Alliteration does not convey a heavy meaning but metaphor carries a deep meaning and a difficult technique too. Present examples that carry more information and are reachable in a direct way. Explain your examples, their importance, and the meaning they convey. This will also describe your critical thinking process.
  • Add the linking statement: This is an important step for summarising the argument. It will frame the wider argument.
  • Proofread your paragraph: After completing the essay, it’s time to proofread. It is important to proofread and edit your paragraph. Look for your mistakes. Check spelling errors, grammatical errors, the structure of sentences, and readability. To correct your errors, read it loudly, read it backward, and can also use any online tool to rectify your mistakes. After correcting the errors your work is ready to submit.

What is the Use of the PEEL paragraph?

The PEEL technique is used to write creative or academic essays. Its main goal is to help the writer engage the audience and make them enjoy your essay. It will keep the audience held in your writing if the initial paragraph and the introductory lines are worth reading. While maintaining a good introduction, don’t ignore the quality. Craft the introductory paragraph to make the first impression appealing. The main goal of the essay should be to present the issue with solutions.

In academic writing, the paragraphs in PEEL writing depend on the number of arguments. Essays are a crucial part of education. There are several themes to designing an essay, PEEL writing is one of them. While writing in PEEL format, the views and opinions should be of the writer himself.

The writer must back it up by giving well-supported examples and examples. Giving an explanation, and using supportive evidence in favor of the arguments should be another step.

The students will have to develop their writing techniques by planning various approaches that will help them write in-depth with proper evaluation and analysis.

The writer should be focused on using clear arguments and keeping them to the point. It can be used in expository, research papers, argumentative essays, and personal writings. In any case, if you use it, your paragraph should be framed using the PEEL writing style. Every paragraph should contain at least four sentences.

PEEL Paragraph Writing Tips

The following are a few important tips that you should keep in mind while writing a paragraph in your essay using the PEEL method.

  • Draft the essay in a formal tone.
  • For narration, use the third person point of view (He, She, and It).
  • Never write the essay in the first person (I, we, me, my, mine, and so forth.)and second person (you) points of view.
  • Use contractions with apostrophes. For example, Use doesn’t instead of does not.
  • Never use personal pronouns (I and me) in the introduction paragraph of an essay.
  • Avoid writing the essay exactly like the way you speak.

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